We Grow Together

We Grow Together
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Teenagers. Alcohol. A bonfire. What could go wrong?

Too many things if you’re Riley Hamilton. Drinking for the first time ever, on Christmas Eve, leaves her too inebriated to go home where her parents would be livid. So she goes back to her boyfriend, Kyle Green’s place to sober up. They fool around, going further than they ever had before. Right before school resumes after winter break, Kyle breaks up with Riley.

Six weeks later, a missing period and the weight of the world rests on Riley’s shoulders. She has to sneak around Kyle’s new girlfriend to tell him about the positive pregnancy test. He doesn’t consider the problem his, or even theirs, and demands that she figure out what to do by herself.

Abortion? Adoption? With the odds stacked against her, how will this young mom face the choices she has to make?

This book kept me thoroughly enthralled and the pace of it was so perfect, I couldn’t even consider putting it down before the end. The characters were all so fully fleshed out and believable, esp. the baby’s prodigal father Kyle Green who undergoes a true metamorphosis as the storyline progresses. This is an in-depth, very realistic telling of an unexpected birth to an unexpected young Christian couple with the help of an extraordinary group of people there to guide them through it. Well done Ms. Walker for a truly mesmerizing journey!

Five Stars for We Grow Together