Double Creek Small Town Romance

Pursuing the Paramedic

Book One

Picking Pears with Piper

Book Two

Yielding in Yellowstone

Book Three

Megan left Double Creek fifteen years ago after getting clean. A small town was a hard place to escape who she used to be. For fifteen years, she served as a paramedic in Austin. With trepidation, and a secret she’s never shared, she returns to her small Oklahoma hometown to take care of her mom. Relapsing doesn’t worry Megan, but digging up the past scares her enough to make her re-think coming back to Double Creek.

Ben’s been living his life as though the past doesn’t matter, but the truth it, he thinks about it every day. Finally clean and sober, Ben tries to build a life he wants, despite having a failed marriage and more mistakes than he can count under his belt. Seeing Megan at his mom’s house is a big surprise. Can his heart handle her showing up again and again?

Will Megan stay in Double Creek for her mom? Will Ben and Megan forgive each other for past wounds?


Piper, a single mom focused on caring for her mother who has dementia, doesn’t have time to fall in love. She knows it’s for the best for her to focus on her daughter, Cedar, and not get caught up in dating again. Her past choices in men were doozies. From the guys that wouldn’t keep a job, to the men willing to scare, intimidate, or hit her, Piper doesn’t know how to find someone different from those guys.

Corbin is a paramedic in Double Creek. He picked a small town to settle down in because he has visions of a family in his mind. Small town life isn’t what Corbin expected it to be, but when an elderly patient needs Corbin’s help on an old pear farm, he jumps to action.

Come back to Double Creek for another adventure. You’ll see more of Megan and Ben, and find out if Piper and Corbin get their happily ever after in Picking Pears with Piper.


Taking a position at a quaint bookstore in Double Creek was supposed to be Trena Wallace’s dream job. Restlessness, like an itch in her soul, has plagued her ever since her hiking accident. When an opportunity for a summer vacation in Yellowstone presents itself, Trena can’t pass it up.

Gavin Eidson saved up all through high school for his van. His dad helped him with the design and fabrication, even though he didn’t think living in a van was a good long-term lifestyle. After eight years of traveling, he’s had his fill of seeing far and wide. Gavin can’t stop thinking about settling down and starting a family. His favorite national park, Yellowstone, is just the place where he can clear his thoughts and formulate his next plan.

Follow Trena to Yellowstone and find out if sparks fly when she meets Gavin.


Hopeful in Hawaii

Book Four

Fall and I’ll Catch You

Book Five

Miracle Inn

Book Six

Amelia Metcalf books a trip to Hawaii to prove to her mom, and her friends, that she doesn’t need to be in a relationship to have fun. Between hijinks and oddballs on the way to paradise, she’s ready to cancel the trip and return home to her bakery. Hunger forces her out of her hotel room and carries her right to a handsome stranger that might just add a little romance to her vacation.

Devon Reed chose to give up corporate life to overcome burnout. He thought running a food truck would be easier, but that’s not the case. Facing some hard choices in his life, he welcomes the distraction of a sweet young woman from Oklahoma.

How can a budding vacation romance blossom into lasting love when the couple live so far apart?


While applauding her friends in their new relationships and showing up with big support for new marriages, new babies, and growing families, Emeline’s heart was hurting. Why wasn’t anyone interested in her? Why did every almost date end before it started? Not even her best friend, Spencer, can come up with a good reason why she doesn’t have a special someone in her life. She can’t help but wonder what’s wrong with her, so she does what she knows to do – work, work, work. Pulling together a pumpkin patch for her friend’s orchard is fun, and it keeps her distracted from her failing love life.

Spencer spends his days running the hardware store his dad passed down to him, and he spends his nights reliving the most awful moment of his life. While Emeline has always been patient with him in his grief, he’s tired of burdening her with his heartache. He’s aware of his feelings for her but unwilling to act on them. He’ll help her with her fall festival, though. No one will have as cool of a booth as his, of that he is certain.


Layla left Double Creek and she left behind the things that held her down. She swore she’d never move back, even after her best friend, Megan, returned to their small hometown. Everything changed when Layla’s grandmother got hurt, and now Layla is back in Double Creek. Running her grandmother’s beloved inn, Layla realizes she’s not the same girl that left this town.

Jacob Haskill is just a cowboy. Punching cows, baling hay, and fixing fences are all he knows. Well, and he’s had a crush on Layla since grade school. Her return gives him hope that maybe now she’ll finally notice him. Riding in on a white horse, Jacob determines to save Layla from what troubles her, and to help her save the inn, too.

But is a cowboy on a white horse really what a paramedic-turned-inn-manager needs? Find out in this final installment of the Double Creek series and enjoy one last holiday with the people who live and love in this small town.