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Evading Dr. Hart by Kandice E. Geddes

I startled, nearly falling out of my seat when I saw who walked in through the door. What was he doing here? Ivy Carroll can’t believe who just entered the doctor's office instead of her usual dermatologist, a full-on blast from the past, that’s who. And the past is looking hotter than ever. After four… Continue reading Evading Dr. Hart by Kandice E. Geddes

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My newest novel is LIVE!

Saved by an Accident: Rescued Book Oneby Regina Walker A red stallion named Bear lived with a family who didn’t want to go to the trouble of gelding him, so when he got aggressive as a stud, they sold him at auction. An aggressive coming four-year-old stud doesn’t have many prospects in this world, so… Continue reading My newest novel is LIVE!