Day One

I’m doing a 30 day blog challenge. It’s pretty simple and straight forward, just questions for me to answer. I thought this would be a great jump start back in to my writing. I need keyboard therapy these days.

So, the topic today: Weird things I do when I’m alone…

Turn the TV off. Okay, maybe that isn’t too weird, but my husband thinks it is.

The thing I laugh at myself most for is that I “sneak” sweet treats because no one is looking.

Depending on how long I know I’m going to have by myself, I might try to squeeze in a nap.

I guess, suffice it to say, I’m pretty boring when I’m alone. I might also have so little alone time that it’s hard to pick up any weird habits…

What weird thing do you do when you are alone?

UBC – Complete!

I joined the Ultimate Blog Challenge for the month of April, and although this post is two days after the final day, I am proud to say I completed this challenge!

I only missed one post during the course of the month. That means I blogged for 29 of the 30 days available in the month of April. I have a new habit, and I hope (plan) to stick with blogging regularly/daily.

I want to say thank you to everyone who has been reading, following, liking, and commenting. Please continue to do so!

If you find something here that is encouraging to you, please share it with your friends as well!

Thank you for all of the blog-love, I am humbled and honored and look forward to future interactions with you.