Life with a Teenage Boy

I must start this post with a confession - my parenting thoughts were consumed with dread for the teenage years. I'm not sure if the dread came from society's idea of teenagers, from my parent's idea of teenagers, or from my own rebellion as a teenager, but wherever the idea came from, I was certain… Continue reading Life with a Teenage Boy

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13 Weeks Ago: Lessons, Rules, Relationships

13 weeks ago our Little Lady made her grand entrance into our world. She is growing far too fast. She, in combination with the boys, is a sharp reminder of how fast time passes. My baby boy is a month away from his 6th birthday, and Little Lady is already 1/4 of a year old.… Continue reading 13 Weeks Ago: Lessons, Rules, Relationships


HSF 7: Once the toes have been cut off

I read a great status update from The Libertarian Homeschooler. This is what they had to say: “Sometimes people struggle as they try to let go of the idea that a child should know such and so by such and such age. Yes. Curriculum. Scope and sequence. It gives us a sense of control, doesn't… Continue reading HSF 7: Once the toes have been cut off


Addictive, Lazy Society

I read a great post about busy hands and creative minds here. Amy is amazing, and I love her writing. This post resonated on a number of levels for me – minus the pranking. We weren’t pranksters as kids, and I got my mom’s uncanny ability to fly off the handle if a prank catches… Continue reading Addictive, Lazy Society


Stepson – The not bad, “bad word.”

I hate calling my stepson my stepson. There are so many negative connotations to that word. Anything step is bad, in so many peoples eyes. I say stepson, and people immediately want to know how much trouble him and I have.   We don’t usually. And the trouble we do have is resolved pretty easily.… Continue reading Stepson – The not bad, “bad word.”


HSF 6: Deschooling

(I like making Friday my homeschool post day. I was calling it homeschool confessions, but not everything feels like a confession, and the title was messing me up. So, this is now affectionately Homeschool Friday or HSF.) I’ve been struggling with helping my stepson de-school. You know, the process of breaking free from the influence… Continue reading HSF 6: Deschooling