On Listening

“Don’t get your socks wet.”

“Adley, stay out of the water.”

“Don’t go over there, it’s wet.”

These footprints are evidence that someone wasn’t listening this particular morning…and you know, it didn’t frustrate me, because I often see evidence in my own life of the ways I didn’t listen to His plan, and I see why it matters now- even though back then I was too short-sighted to see all the pieces. Or prices.

20180709_093124.jpgI didn’t know what He was going to do with that season in our life, but sometimes we all wear wet socks or wander in deserts or (fill in the blank) when we don’t listen.

This is hard to admit out loud, or on display, but I knew I was stepping outside the will of God for our life when I pursued something last year. I was being stubborn and willful, and I wanted God to want us to have what I wanted us to have, so I prayed about it a lot – trying to change His mind.

It didn’t work, I wasn’t able to change His mind, so I charged full speed ahead, because why shouldn’t He want us to have this shiny new thing?

The truth is, I don’t know what different thing God had in store because I plugged my ears and went my own way. What I do know is it would have been better. I wouldn’t have prayed desperate prayers as I found myself in a situation I couldn’t handle.

I also know His grace is sufficient – not that I would recommend ever ignoring what He’s put on your heart just because of grace. No, and that’s not what I went into it thinking. But on this side, having asked for forgiveness and admitted my mistakes, I know He is still for me, He still loves me. And He knows better for me than I always accept. He is a good God, with good plans for us.

So, next time you are up against a shiny new thing, or a comfortable old thing, and asking God what to do – learn from my experience, when He answers, don’t ignore Him. It isn’t in your best interest, which I learned the hard way.

Until next time,




A Prayer to Share:

Dear God,

May You soften our hearts and minds and help us to hear Your voice and Your calling. Help us develop an obedient character, that pursues You and Your plan for each and every day of our lives. Thank You for being patient with us when we miss the mark.

In Jesus’ Name,

As A Mom of Boys

I was casually perusing Facebook on our lunch/recess break from school, when I came across an article by a dad here (http://evandolive.com/2013/03/22/a-letter-to-victorias-secret-from-a-father/).

This dad wrote a compelling letter to Victoria’s Secret regarding this new line of undergarments for middle school aged girls. This quote is from his article, regarding the line of undergarments:

“Recently I read an article that Victoria’s Secret is launching a line of underwear and bras aimed at middle school aged children. The line will be called “Bright Young Things” and will feature ” lace black cheeksters with the word “Wild” emblazoned on them, green and white polka-dot hipsters screen printed with “Feeling Lucky?” and a lace trim thong with the words, “Call me” on the front.””

Even as a mom of boys (I only newly have a daughter…) this appalls me. So, I’m writing a “To Victoria’s Secret” blog as well.

Dear Victoria’s Secret,

I’m sure you see the $$$ when you think of this clothing line. I mean, why wouldn’t you? Girls are going to be begging their mom’s to take them to get these latest fashionable clothing items. It may even be a “Mom and Daughter” bonding moment – sharing a trip to Victoria’s Secret, maybe that’s like getting your nails done, or your hair done?

But there is a dark side to these things, and our kids’ innocence should be protected for as long as possible. My dad used to ask me why I wanted to wear “sexy” underwear as a teen, especially if I was so adamant that I wasn’t showing it to anyone. He had a point.

And my boys see your marketing ploys, and you are warping their expectations of the girls they meet. Now, instead of seeing her for who she is and discussing those important decisions, like college and changing the world, my boys are wondering what her panties look like.

No, you aren’t the only problem in our culture, it’s on TV, in magazines, in movies, and music. But you aren’t part of the solution with this latest move. We need big companies to take a stand for integrity and morality. We need big companies to think of the long-term effects their products and the images they use for marketing, will have on our society.

As I work day in and day out to shape these young minds, and pray that they learn to respect women and girls, I am fighting gigantic monsters with advertising schemes that can never truly be avoided. What we don’t see on TV, we see on billboards, in the mall, and more.

Please reconsider this line of undergarments. Our girls deserve better than to be taught that they must conform to a worldly idea of beauty and sexiness. Our boys deserve to learn that there is more worth to a woman than her physique. Stand for something bigger than just the $$$.


Regina Walker