The Woman on the Painted Horse

Angela’s books feature women in impossible spots with impossible courage doing impossible things and empowering other women to break the chains that bind and live boldly. She started this trend in her writing with Alexandra, a woman who decided to risk her fortune, even her life, to save the lives of people around her.

She didn’t do it for acclaim. She didn’t do it to impress anyone. She did it out of the goodness of her heart and because at her core, she recognized an injustice and she couldn’t live without finding a way to make things right for people with less rights than she was allowed.

Get your copy of The Woman on the Painted Horse and meet Alexandra, a woman with a mission, a woman with courage, a woman who inspires.

The Woman on the Painted Horse

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The Woman on the Painted Horse by Angela Christina Archer

The Woman on the Painted Horse

The Blurb

“Alexandra Monroe is a slave smuggler, smuggling slaves north where they can live as free people. Her crime is sedition and her punishment, if caught, is death. The daughter of one of the wealthiest men in Montgomery, Alexandra lives a life not by her own accord, but a life she willingly accepts for her secret quest to save the lives of slaves. One afternoon, Alexandra comes face-to-face with handsome William Graysden. Although forbidden for his Creek Indian heritage, he captivates her. They fascinate one another, and ultimately find in each other a bond they don’t wish to ignore. After a series of events, however, William must face the choice to continue the dangerous pursuit of Alexandra’s affections or forget about her.”

My Review:

The Woman on the Painted Horse sucked me in from the first line to the last. I fell head-over-heels for the characters, and became part of their rich and living world. My heart beat with Alexandra’s, and I quickly felt as though I was smuggling slaves by night and juggling a life that wasn’t where I belonged by day. With the turn of every page, I wanted to know more and go deeper.

Angela created a sweet romance – one that delves into the depths of the relationships of Alexandra and several of the townspeople, the hero, and the protagonist. Angela took her time crafting a well researched, historical romance. She successfully took me back in time with her realistic characters. Angela is a talented author, and her beautiful told story held my attention from the time I opened the book until I finished reading – in fact, I don’t think I stopped reading to eat even once. I award this beautiful novel 5 lucky shoes because this skillfully crafted story tugged at my heart, made me angry, made me laugh…it made me feel.

She created a depth within her characters that rattled my bones. They seemed to come alive with every word I read, as if I could almost reach out and take hold of them. I was rooting for Alexandra from page one!