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Recipe: Sauteed Apples and Homemade Pancakes

Real food... that's been on my mind with each grocery list, each shopping trip, each meal preparation. I'm finding more and more ways to make things from ingredients (because real food IS ingredients) than to make pre-packaged things or "just add water & eggs" things. My dear cousin mentioned that she likes sautéed apples with… Continue reading Recipe: Sauteed Apples and Homemade Pancakes

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Recipe: Caramel Apple Pie

As I set out to share recipes with you regularly, I have a disclaimer, if you will. I am not good at presentation. Pretty food isn't exactly my expertise. But it tastes good and that's what matters around here. Now on to the good stuff! Caramel Apple Pie 6-7 - Granny Smith apples 3/4 cup… Continue reading Recipe: Caramel Apple Pie

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The Truth Behind Love Languages

I love the concept of love languages, and immensely enjoyed Dr. Gary Chapman's book on the matter: The Five Love Languages. Ever since I first read this book, I've tried to consider which language someone is speaking when dealing with them - especially in my closest relationships. The truth is, though, that love languages can… Continue reading The Truth Behind Love Languages

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He Smells Like a Stripper

Wait...what? My sweet baby boy is suffering with a dry skin issue. We're not talking about a little "ashy" look from time to time. This boy is scaly like a lizard, peeling all over, and dry. I thought that delaying his newborn bath would prevent this as it did with our daughter, but I was… Continue reading He Smells Like a Stripper