Time with Friends


Life has felt harried and hectic for so long that I can hardly remember a time that I truly enjoyed a moment without a long list of to-do’s distracting my focus.

Until today, that is. I stopped by to drop off a few things for a friend, and stayed for tea, pumpkin cheesecake, and good company.

I didn’t sit at her table and think of a million other things that needed to be done. I didn’t sit at her table and try to mentally balance my checkbook, or worry about my most recent marketing attempt, or the next truck coming in.

I got to enjoy the conversation, the tea, and the treat without worry and distraction.

When I got back home, feeling refreshed and joyful, I had some soul-searching to do. It’s not that I suddenly have nothing to do. It’s not that I’m at my leisure 24/7. But I am seeing clearly that it is possible to have too much to do. It is possible to chase so much of the wrong stuff (maybe good stuff, but not the best stuff) that we can’t enjoy what we have.

Friends, tea with each other is the best stuff (or coffee, or smoothies, or cake). Muddy kids playing on a warm January day is the best stuff. Creating, crafting, writing… this is the best stuff.

We don’t have to agree about what is best – what matters is that we sift through the noise, the chaos, and cultural expectations to figure out what our own personal version of the best stuff is.

I’m going to pursue more of the best stuff. More time with the people I love, family & friends, more time creating, more time focused.

I’ve found that pursuing the best stuff postures my heart to worship God moment by moment. When I’m not mired in too much of the wrong stuff, I can see God more clearly and worship Him more freely.

I think I’ll write in the morning about how God has been speaking to me about worship lately.

Until next time,
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Kindness Abounds

Dear Regina,
How did you get to be so amazing? And when can we get together for coffee? I love that you are doing this. You are smart, talented, and so sincerely tender.

Luther, America

Dear Laura,

You are sweet and kind, your words mean so much to me. I can’t wait for our coffee date next week!

As for how I got to be so amazing – I don’t know. I want to deflect and avoid even answering, because the truth is, I have a really ugly way of talking to myself and a nasty inside voice that says I can’t/shouldn’t/don’t measure up. He is loud and a little frightening at times. Sometimes, though, I stomp my foot and stare him down, telling him he doesn’t get to decide everything. And for a moment, I feel brave enough to take on something new and exciting, like this.

I’ll see you soon!

With Love,
Regina W.

Social Media & Reconnecting Part 2

So, in my last post I covered the really negative side of reconnecting. You know, the kind that destroys trust in relationships, and has people packing their bags to be with someone from the past? So in this post I want to address the fact that there are positive ways to reconnect with people on social media.

Two very dear leaders in my life, who helped me ride my horse better, learn to lead better, and are featured in many of my “when I was growing up,” and “that one time, at horse camp…” stories are on my social media page. I get to look up to these two women, even now. I still receive advice and encouragement from them. About 10 years ago, I moved roughly 1000 miles away from my hometown. I didn’t bring their phone numbers, and I didn’t snail mail connect with them. Social media has been a huge blessing to me in allowing me to still share life with them.

Another positive instance? My childhood best friend, and her adorable little boy – I love seeing pictures of him, and knowing she is doing well. We don’t really talk much per say, and I don’t have her phone number, but I love knowing about her life. We were super close and share some awesome memories, and now we both have families.

Being so far from where my parents are, I love that social media let’s me share pictures of my kids with them, along with funny quotes and updates. Many of the things that I post on social media would never reach Grandma’s ears, because I don’t always pick up the phone every time my kids do something funny.

So, social media can help us connect to long-distance people, and people from our past that are not out to get us. Plus, I’ve been involved in a prayer group online through social media, and some mom groups, and found support through online community. Social media is definitely not all bad, but we all have to be responsible and wise with how we use it and who we connect or reconnect with while using it.

Who has had a positive influence on you, through social media?