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Some Heros Don’t Wear Capes

Some heros don't wear capes. In fact, heros are often overlooked because they work in the shadows, don't require credit for their efforts, and are there when no one else is. Heros come in all shapes and sizes. They are male and female, from any corner of the world. They are often nameless and faceless.… Continue reading Some Heros Don’t Wear Capes


11 Weeks Ago: Toe Jam

I cannot believe that Little Lady has been here for 11 weeks already! My how time flies… I have a kind of funny, a little bit embarrassing confession to make. This happened several weeks ago, but I just have to share. You know how new moms, with new babies; often discover a “dirty” spot on… Continue reading 11 Weeks Ago: Toe Jam


Overwhelmed, Under-achieving, Vicious Cycle

If any of you are like me, sometimes you take on too much. It can be hard to say “no” to the never-ending requests for our time and attention. And, if you’re like me, you’ll find yourself worn and haggard at the end of each day (or even the middle). In case you missed the… Continue reading Overwhelmed, Under-achieving, Vicious Cycle



I'd like to think I'm generally grateful for the many blessings in my life, and that my eyes and heart are open to seeing more of the good than the bad. Yet, the last few days the exact opposite has been true. I've been blinded by a severe case of the "I want's" and the… Continue reading Selfishness