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Holding Space

I was first introduced to the idea of holding space in midwifery. It is said that midwives hold space for a woman to birth in a way that is natural to her. We all have different comforts, spots, positions, that help us mentally and emotionally as we bring forth a baby. I love this idea… Continue reading Holding Space

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Why I pause, and why I think you should to.

Have you heard of the amygdala hijack? It's a term first used by Daniel Goleman - in his book, Emotional Intelligence. Basically, the amygdala hijack is where our emotions overcome us, and our amygdala (responsible for saving us in times of trouble) kicks into over drive. Logic goes out the window, and we are left… Continue reading Why I pause, and why I think you should to.

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Insecurity and Identity

We are a blended family and I grew up in a blended family. While I grew up with my natural mom and dad, my dad had been previously married and had 2 sons with his first wife. I remember trying to figure out who my brothers' mom was to me - another mom? An aunt?… Continue reading Insecurity and Identity

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Calling Out The Best

As a young mom, I thought perfecting my children's behavior - especially in public - was one of the number one things I should do. This lead me to often be a less than pleasant mom, who was strict, and made no room for children's play. I heard more than once how I was a… Continue reading Calling Out The Best

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When the Toppings Came Off

Today I took my sweet oldest daughter, youngest son, and baby daughter for a treat - we got special snow cones on the way home. These snow cones are like, the best ever. So I've been finding excuses to take the little kids while the big kids are at different activities. Today, my daughter wanted… Continue reading When the Toppings Came Off

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Are You a Coach or a Dictator?

When parents make the shift from controller/dictator/punisher to mentor/teacher/leader they will stop trying to control behavior and will start trying to teach why and how to behave. Kindness in this process is not weakness. Kindness toward our kids also does not automatically mean the kids run the show. It simply means that we recognize kid's… Continue reading Are You a Coach or a Dictator?

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Parents Get a Do Over too

We've been watching an incredible series on TBRI - Trust Based Relational Intervention - to help us build trust based parenting skills to use at home. One of the practices they use over and over is giving the kids a re-do. Disrespectful tone? Say it again nicer. Forgot to ask, instead told/commanded? Try again. Instead… Continue reading Parents Get a Do Over too