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God Speaks

I married a generous man, in fact, he rarely counts the cost to himself when considering helping. He doesn't measure the hours he worked, or what he'll do without. If he sees a need, he meets it in whatever practical way he can. In fact, my husband lives this verse out. I never hear him… Continue reading God Speaks

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Comparing Up or Down

We watched the movie Courageous over the weekend - talk about a good movie. One of the lead characters said (about parenting), "I always thought I was doing good enough because I was doing better than my dad." I've mulled over that statement and wondered how often I compare how I'm doing something to how… Continue reading Comparing Up or Down

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Feeling Guilty Over a Miracle

6 months have crept by. 6 months have sped by. 6 months have happened around us. We have endured, lived, embraced, loved, cried, worried, prayed, wondered, questioned, tiptoed, stomped, raged, wept, worshipped, and praised through 6 months. 6 months since we wondered whether our son would come home or go to heaven. 6 months since… Continue reading Feeling Guilty Over a Miracle

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The Fine Art of Self Care

Self care came in a commercial package for me not so long ago - massages, chiropractic appointments, a hair cut, new essential oils, and more. And for a while, it felt like I was becoming a master of self-care. I enjoyed each of these things and was looking less and less at how they affected… Continue reading The Fine Art of Self Care

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May You Soar, My Child

My sweet 4-year-old daughter, Miss R, climbed out of an afternoon bath and started drying off. I was about to leave the bathroom, as her clothes were already on the counter, when she said, "No Mommy. I can't do it." Now, this puzzled me. Miss R is fierce and independent. She can do anything, by… Continue reading May You Soar, My Child

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Noun. the expression of disapproval of someone or something based on perceived faults or mistakes. Criticism, have you experienced it? Most of us have, or will, at some point in our lives. Maybe some of us even deal closely with a critic. Their words are cutting, often stinging the soul like poison does the body.… Continue reading Criticism