Absolute Truth

I don’t believe we each choose our own morality. I don’t believe the truth changes from person to person. I believe in absolute truth. I believe that there is right, and wrong. I believe that the penalty for sin is death, and that the only escape from that penalty is accepting Jesus as ones Savior.

I don’t believe that all paths lead to a peaceful eternity. In fact, I believe that hell is a real place, where people will get a very rude awakening. I don’t believe God ever wanted us to be so darn complacent. We’ve turned the message of grace and love into a message that sounds like everything is right and acceptable.

Not everything is right. God wants us to live in obedience to Him, and what is expected of us is clearly lined out in the Bible. Now, even in knowing this, I will never fully achieve this. And I don’t expect you to, either. God doesn’t even expect this; in fact, He knows we can’t quite reach the mark, even though we can see it. So He sent Jesus.

He did not send Jesus so you could continue on a destructive path, with no concern for Him, others, or even yourself. Not even close! He sent His Son so you could cross the gap and experience Him in a close and intimate way. He sent His Son so you could have help in a time of need, comfort in a time of hurt, and forgiveness from sins.

That is not the end of the story though. God will correct us when we are wrong, His Spirit will convict us to make better choices and live better lives. And when we receive the conviction of the Holy Spirit, we best get our butts in gear and move along the path He is guiding us to.

I’ve heard so many people complain about hellfire and brimstone preaching (heck, I’ve even done it), but those preachers have a new respect in my eyes. They told (or tell) it like it is. They don’t give the false impression that all paths lead to a peaceful eternity. They acknowledge that hell is real, and this is eternity we are toying with, not just a year or two, or a decade or so. Eternity, folks. Forever.

My new prayer is for boldness in my speaking and my writing, and as I’m raising my kids. I pray that intimidation would have no place in our hearts or minds. I pray that we will proclaim the truth like it is, all the time.

Will you join me in this prayer?


Morality Begins at Home

Morality begins at home. It is wrapped up in the lessons we teach our children, the character we impart to them, the values we instill in them. Morality is not, and will never be, something that can be handed down through a series of laws. In my opinion, morality cannot be handed down via the government.

We have it all backwards when we expect the government to impose morality on the people. Morality starts at home, with our children. When we teach our children to have morals, and we teach them right from wrong, they grow up with those values. Then, those people we have raised do life with integrity. They love well, work hard, and value the people around them.

But when we stop raising our kids, and we just let them grow up, then we end up with people that believe that truth is what you make of it. People that think what is right is based on individual opinion as opposed to truly being right vs. wrong. These people then have jobs, lives, etc. and do/live this way.

I believe in absolute truth, in right and wrong, and I believe that just because you call something by a different name doesn’t make it different than it is. I believe we should try our hardest to live like God outlined in the Bible for us. And when we fall short, we should be sure to repent and then thank God that His mercy is new every morning.

Do you believe in absolute truth? Why or why not?