Recognizing Change

Sometimes change is hard to recognize, especially when it happens gradually. The thing I found is, I often try to function based on “old” information, and am not functioning based on the changes. This can be frustrating for me, and the people around me.

Currently, the change I’ve noticed is personal, and is a huge shift. I don’t know exactly when it happened, but since I’ve acknowledged it and quit forcing myself to function based on how I used to be, I’m a lot more at peace.

See, I used to be the “on-the-go” girl. In fact, the kids and I were rarely, if ever, home. Between church things, friend things, play groups and what not, I had something to do, somewhere to be, every day. I would load up my kids, kids I was watching, any kids, and go.

I was usually the one that went to a friend’s house instead of hosting a get together. I just never stopped going, going, going. And I wanted it that way, in fact, when I didn’t get to go, go, go, I went crazy. I got cabin fever, and felt cooped up and stressed out.

Fast forward to now, and I’m home schooling once again. I have errands that occasionally need to be run, and trips to the library to make. Yet, I never want to go anywhere. At first, I was trying to function with the “go, go, go” thought, even going so far as to beat myself up and accuse myself of being lazy. But it’s not like I’m staying home to nap. I just don’t want to go to the store. Or anywhere, really.

I never used to understand my hermit friends…especially when they gave lists to their hubby’s and sent them shopping. I could not for the life of me fathom why one would do such a thing. Even if I had to go with 4 or 5 kids in tow, I wanted to go. But, guess what friends? I get it!

My hunny came in two nights ago and asked what was for dinner. I told him sloppy joes but that I needed to go get veggies to go with dinner. He said “I’ll stay here with the kids so you can go.” Instead of jumping for joy at going somewhere by myself and having a solitary moment, I was pouting because he didn’t say he would go to the store. When I confessed that I didn’t want to go to the store, he took a list and got everything I asked him to. Well, he came back with 6 less eggs than I asked for…but I think I can overlook that.

I stayed home with the kids, happily – even passing up the moment of solitude that I could have had. And I am realizing that I’ve changed, and our home is where I want to be, even with all of the chaos, all of the messes, and all of the crazy boys.

While you’re at the store…

For about four days I’ve heard that we need jelly. Please get jelly. When you’re at the store, get jelly.

So, yesterday I picked up some apricot & pineapple preserves.

We had pb&j sandwiches after playing at the splash pad yesterday….and guess what?

Now we need peanut butter!

What two things that go together do you find yourself missing one of, most frequently?

All in a day

Well, today I kick off the first day of my home day care! I will have three wonderful kids to watch, and I can’t wait. It is 6:15am as I write this, and so far this is what I’ve done:

Woke up at 4am – paid bills.

Went to Wal-Mart, got groceries, a playpen, and a booster seat.

Got home, put groceries away, assembled booster seat.

Thing 2 is up with me, helping and chattering away. He thinks this playpen is pretty cool. I’m about to start a load of dishes and laundry. I remember when my days were this way before – doing so much before the sun came up, so I could enjoy, play with, and teach the little ones I get the privilege of loving on. I am happy and thankful to be returning to this schedule; however, I think it will take some time to adjust to my new schedule.

Today, our main activity will be water painting, and I will giving everybody a chance to color, and we may use the little stick on foamies – but I haven’t decided yet. As we get comfortable with our schedule I will plan more activities.

Well, I’m learning that I can’t let myself get sucked into “time-theft” – be watching for a post on the things that steal our time, and how urgent it is for us to watch out for those things!

What’s on your agenda today?