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Unsung Hero by Judy Kentrus

Hey! I’m so glad you are taking a little time out of your day to hang out with me. Let’s start with a few easy questions. What do you drink when you’re writing? Coffee, then I switch to water late in the evening. What was the last book you read? Nancy Fraser's Coming up Daisy What author(s)… Continue reading Unsung Hero by Judy Kentrus

authors, Fiction, New Releases

Meet Me at Sunset by Theresa Oliver

Meet Me at Sunsetby Theresa Oliver The flames of first love are volatile, consuming everything in its path, becoming the experience of a lifetime. The same was true with ours. He was my first love, my only love… and I was his. I first met him in high school, and love hit me hard,… Continue reading Meet Me at Sunset by Theresa Oliver