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So You Married a Writer

So you married a writer, and in my experience, that means you married a thinker and a feeler. I've yet to meet a writer that doesn't try to read between the lines, that doesn't think things over and over and over again, that doesn't feel the people and circumstances around them - near or far… Continue reading So You Married a Writer

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It Changes Things

We all have moments in life that change things. Things that happen over time, or things that happen in an instant, but they change our perspective, our attitude, or even the entire course of our life. I had one of those moments this year. After finally discussing with my doctor some of the things I… Continue reading It Changes Things

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The Fine Art of Self Care

Self care came in a commercial package for me not so long ago - massages, chiropractic appointments, a hair cut, new essential oils, and more. And for a while, it felt like I was becoming a master of self-care. I enjoyed each of these things and was looking less and less at how they affected… Continue reading The Fine Art of Self Care

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Choosing Purpose

When I was pregnant with my firstborn, more than 11 years ago, I developed the notion that we should live on purpose-- that we should step out and make things happen instead of always waiting for things to happen to us. Dave Ramsey says effective people make a dent in things, things don't make a… Continue reading Choosing Purpose

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So Many Birthdays

From Christmas time until the 12th of February, we celebrate a handful of birthdays in our family. They always make me think long and hard about the years past, and the years before us. Each of the birthdays this go-round has seemed monumental. Between my hubby celebrating a big birthday, our oldest turning 18, the… Continue reading So Many Birthdays