A Maid for Mason
(Mail-Order Mama Series Book 13)
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Mary Ann grew up in New York, as the daughter of an immigrant Irishman and a housemaid. Her coming of age was marked as the day she started work. The young woman of the house where she is employed is full of wild ideas and tries to drag Mary Ann into her schemes. One such scheme finds Mary Ann agreeing to exchange letters with a man settling in the west, which gives her a reason to imagine wide-open skies and life on the frontier.

Widowed at a young age, Mason has been left to care for his son, James, and his land alone. They have enough to get by, but it’s hard to work the land, run the cows, and keep a toddling boy out of trouble. His sister and her husband help where they can, and they keep offering to take his son for a time, but Mason can’t bear the thought of letting the boy go live with them. Love is the last thing on his mind as he tries to figure out how to keep moving forward.

⚠ Hannah, Mason’s sister, doesn’t think her brother should be trying to do everything alone. He won’t listen to her pleas to do something to find a wife, so she takes matters into her own hands. ⚠

Can two people, tricked by a sister with good intentions, find love on the frontier?

Then Comes Hope Collection

Edgy, bold fiction that navigates grief, suicide, substance abuse, domestic violence, and teen pregnancy. The Then Comes Hope Collection doesn’t mince words as these families face difficult circumstances. 

The series kicks off with We Go On, where you will meet Liz and Josh as they are barreling through the loss of their son and the consuming grief that follows. After Colby took his own life, his parents discovered some of his secrets, including the beautiful golden horse he called Dusty. 

The next installment, Still With Us, continues the introduction to Tammy and Ella as Ella spirals out of control. Addicted to drugs and clinging to an abusive boyfriend, her choices lead her to dark places. While Liz shows up for Tammy in many ways, Tyler drops everything to come to Ella’s aid.

The third book, We Grow Together, introduces new characters, Riley Hamilton and Kyle Green. A bonfire, alcohol, and a night unsupervised, and Riley finds herself pregnant. At first, the odds are against her and it seems there is no hope for the baby growing in her womb. But Tyler and Ella (all grown up since we last saw them in Still With Us) show up and love on Riley, showing her that all hope is not lost.

Grab all three books to see how these families navigate the most painful things, and how good horses help them on their journey and bring them together.