Then Comes Hope Women’s Fiction

We Go On

Book One

Still With Us

Book Two

We Grow Together

Book Three

Josh and Liz must learn to continue living after their son, Colby, commits suicide. He left them too soon, but he left an unexpected gift behind. Dusty, the pretty mare he was keeping secret, could be a powerful tool in his family’s healing, or she could be the last thing his mom can handle.

As they wrestle with the holes in their hearts, they find themselves at odds with one another and with their faith. Tyler, their surviving son, wades through the depths of his grief and pain while watching his parents’ marriage come undone.

This is a deeply moving story about pain, loss, and faith. Sometimes the three collide in a way we never saw coming, in a way we never wanted to experience. Join the Millers as they find hope again, one moment at a time.

⚠ Warning: This book deals with loss by suicide and the grief a family endures. ⚠


Worthless. That’s how Ella feels every time she wakes up. But when meth jolts through her veins, the ugly voice that tells her she isn’t enough goes quiet. Running away from home seems like her open door to freedom, but she finds herself in more trouble than she knows what to do with. A new friend, Tyler, makes himself available when Ella needs him the most and she starts to wonder if there is more good in the world than she saw before.

Tammy has enough blame in her heart for herself and her ex-husband, but that doesn’t seem to help Ella get away from the abusive man preying on her or the death grip drugs have on her. Nothing Tammy says seems to make a difference with Ella. She leans hard on her friend Liz, while Liz prays for an intervention in the lives of her friend and her daughter.

Get your copy of Still With Us today and find out how Ella overcomes addiction, how Tammy finds forgiveness, and how Liz and Tyler, from We Go On, use all the hurt they’ve been through to show up when they are needed most.

⚠ Warning: This book deals with drugs and abuse and may be triggering to some readers. ⚠


Teenagers. Alcohol. A bonfire. What could go wrong?

Too many things if you’re Riley Hamilton. Drinking for the first time ever, on Christmas Eve, leaves her too inebriated to go home where her parents would be livid. So she goes back to her boyfriend, Kyle Green’s place to sober up. They fool around, going further than they ever had before. Right before school resumes after winter break, Kyle breaks up with Riley.

Six weeks later, a missing period and the weight of the world rests on Riley’s shoulders. She has to sneak around Kyle’s new girlfriend to tell him about the positive pregnancy test. He doesn’t consider the problem his, or even theirs, and demands that she figure out what to do by herself.

Abortion? Adoption? With the odds stacked against her, how will this young mom face the choices she has to make?