When Something Doesn’t Fit

So, I have this really awesome chance to crochet in the mornings and pray over my beautiful family, but I needed a mommy/writer time out for a moment.

First…don’t ever neglect to pray for and over your family – it is amazing to watch God work. Not only will you see God working in and around the members of your family…God will move in you. I know, because I had the chance to become one of the psycho crazy girls that annoy me because of all of their ranting, raving, and lunacy….but the still small voice kept telling me, “It doesn’t fit….it doesn’t fit.”

The problem is…I was trying to figure “it” out alone, because I didn’t want to cause a scene, but I didn’t avoid a scene in all reality – I just turned it inward and let it ruin a night of sleep. When whatever “it” is involves another person, I speak from experience…chances are you cannot figure “it” out alone! But did I take that to heart? Nope. I clammed up, as I so often do when faced with adversity, and let the voice of the accuser tear me apart…all night long. I didn’t want to feel or hear all of those things, but since I wouldn’t ask a simple question, I left the door cracked and if you give the enemy a crack, he’ll shove that door wide open. And one of his best weapons against me is to attack my image of myself – I quickly find myself crumbling and backing away and forgetting the victory that is already been won by Christ.

One night is too long to give the enemy…and I am beyond thankful that “it” got resolved this morning. And all of the questions and all of the doubt faded away, and I could once again hear the still, small “See “it” doesn’t fit…” (and not in the nee-ner-nee-ner “I told you so” kind of way, either…)

We have an enemy working hard against us, and the more we press into God, the harder the enemy works. Yet, we’ve already surrendered to the Lord and there is no reason to give in to the attack, the victory is already won. So, my plan goes something like this…next time there is something that could or does upset me, I will first: pray, second: ask the other person involved. Quickly. Without waiting until I’ve lost sleep, or heard such a long list of negatives that I feel worthless. I will also try to always consider that when something looks like a “clue” but it doesn’t fit with all of the other “clues” about someones character, or actions, or life, that I will ask God to stop the flood of emotions and help me recognize that if it doesn’t fit with the whole picture, then it’s probably not a “clue” worth worrying about.

Thoughts? Please share them below! ❤

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