Read My Debut Novel

In case you missed it (okay, I know, not possible, I keep talking about it), my debut novel, We Go On, is releasing on June 12, 2020. I am so excited and I am nail-biting nervous about the whole thing. Did you know you can read We Go On before the release date? If you… Continue reading Read My Debut Novel



WWW: Write the Word Wednesday I'm so glad you've joined me this morning. I hope you'll grab a notebook and a pen and do this exercise with me. I learned some years ago that writing the Word is incredible for my peace, my prayers, and my memory of scripture. I will occasionally write long passages,… Continue reading WWW One

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Winning During Lockdown

I almost always believe in making the most of every situation. So for my coronavirus lockdown, I decided to delete social media and write a novel. I did it, too. My original goal was 40,000 words but I've clocked in at 76,000 words. I am beyond excited about this accomplishment. I'm also totally doubting my… Continue reading Winning During Lockdown