Homeschool Confessions #3

I want to be a fly on the wall, and I want about 10 different homeschool families to observe. I wish I had some other reason to offer other than my own insecurity, but the truth is, I feel like I’m doing it wrong most of the time. Now, this is a little bit funny because the boys are all learning a lot. The man-child is adjusting to being homeschooled, and I think he may even like it now.

The younger two are progressing daily with their reading, writing and math. They are blossoming and learning, and I am thankful. But I still feel like I’m doing it wrong. I keep trying to find and calculate the magic formula for success, as if success is measurable by some standard set by someone else. Then, I am reminded about how those kinds of measurements are affecting other educational institutions, and that I’m trying to avoid those things.

I have decided to build our curriculum for this next year, piecing together things I want to teach with things they want to learn, with skills they need to have. By combining the internet, the library, the things I purchase, and the resources all around us, I hope to teach them many things this coming year. This semester has been about growing together, getting used to the system, and just maintaining forward progress. (Which we have done!)

Truth be told; however, I really wanted an all-in-one curriculum. I still wanted to be told what to teach, as if I might miss something crucial or forget that math (or English, or composition, or science, or …) is important. I have this huge need to make sure we aren’t missing anything… and when I run across something I haven’t been teaching (like how to use a day planner) I start fretting over how ill-equipped I’m making these boys.

But the reminders come when Hubby says something in reference to what he’s seen in the boys. Or when we are out in public and the boys use their manners and speak intelligently and people are shocked to learn we homeschool. I was homeschooled, and it’s something I whole heartedly believe in, and am blessed to be doing. You would think that by now, I would have developed some measure of confidence in our ability to grow and learn together.

Do you have a homeschool confession this week?

6 thoughts on “Homeschool Confessions #3”

  1. Regina,
    I’ve homeschooled for over 20 years, and I can honestly say that it just takes time to get over those feelings of insecurity. The thing is, everybody is watching you so closely, and that is intimidating. But age and experience will teach you that you know best what your children need, because you are investing so much time in them, and praying for them, too, hopefully. Eventually you can look back and feel very satisified with how you did at educating, but what’s more important than educating them is just spending time with them and loving them and teaching them how to be respectful, secure, loving human beings. The time spent with the books is just the icing on the cake, but not the most important thing about home schooling, wouldn’t you agree?


  2. Hi Regina. I don’t have kids so I’m the last to give advise on their educating but I think you’re brave for doing what you do. Keep at it and let God guide you. You’re doing better than you think you are!


  3. Regina, no parent will ever be perfect. That being said, it is important that you don’t lose that drive to always do better. Don’t let it be your main focus and don’t let it steal the joy of the work God is doing in your boys through you.


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