Why a Man?

I don’t always, maybe not even often, bring my most controversial God-questions to my blog. Often I don’t think there is any need to. I can settle them with God, through His Word, and prayer.

But lately, I keep asking Him why Jesus had to come as a Son, why couldn’t He come as a Daughter? I know why I am asking. I know it is the exhausted mom & wife in me that has prayed for 7 years to not be the only one in the house who knows what time church starts (especially since we have so many service times to pick from).

I look around and the spiritual load and the mental load of so many households seem to fall squarely on the mom’s shoulders.

Am I the only one mom who wishes someone shared the burden of knowing what time church started, reading the bible with the kids, and leading them to a deep, rich, and real faith in Christ?

As I ask God why Jesus wasn’t born a Daughter, a Sister in Christ, I come to a stark realization. What is a struggle now and something that I pray about, I find hope that Jesus was a man, and that His influence can bring my husband into being the spiritual leadership of our family. If my Savior were my sister, my frustration would boil over, I would become angry, and I would lose my grace.

If my Savior was my sister, I wouldn’t have the same hope about the work God can do in the life of my husband. If my Savior was my sister, I might not think I need my husband at all.

If my Savior was my sister, I may not see all the ways He can redeem my deepest pain for His greatest glory – or at least, not in the same way that I see them. I may lack reverence for my Savior. I may lack reverence for our God of order. As I ask why my Savior came as a bridegroom of the church and as a man, I see again that God did not make a mistake. He chose well and wisely. He chose for my benefit and out of His great love for me.

Have you ever wished that Jesus came differently than He did? Did you take your wondering to the throne? What did God show you?

Until next time,
Regina Walker Author

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