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Searching for Summer by Lorah Jaiyn

Searching for Summer by Lorah Jaiyn

Summer Hughes married her sweetheart instead of finishing college so she could be the perfect wife. When she finds herself served with divorce papers, she retreats to her hometown of Cape Manatee on the east coast of Florida. Summer hides away to lick her wounds and try to figure out what went wrong. As Summer falls back in love with the quaint little town, a woman hands her a two-year-old little boy and then vanishes.

Jerry Hughes has always thrown himself into work, especially after filing for divorce. When his company starts a new project in Florida, he heads to the area not realizing he’s heading straight to Summer. He soon learns that the development will destroy the entire area, and people are pushing to run him out of town.

When Summer and Jerry cross paths at a local festival, will they take it as a sign that fate is telling them they’re meant to be together? Or will outside influences from the town itself destroy any chance they have of reconciliation?

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