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A Christmas Wish for Clara by P. Creeden

December 1880

Clara Gibbs has wished for nothing more than a husband and family, but not one bachelor in Norcross, Georgia had ever shown any interest in her until now. She had spent most of her youth taking care of her ailing father, only to find out upon his death that he was the very reason that every suitor had kept a distance from her. Now that she is twenty-five years old, the only one who shows her interest is an older bachelor with a known penchant for vice. Her only recourse is to start a new life out west… but sh has no reason to go unless she answers an advertisement for a mail-order bride.

Clyde Wheeler has just inherited a ranch… or rather, a debt. And the bank has come to call. The only way to get his loan approved is to marry the banker’s daughter. But part of him would rather die than give the man the satisfaction. He doesn’t understand how anyone could be so very self-serving during the holidays like this. He’s at the end of his rope until someone gives him a way out – but that way out includes taking on another bride.

A Christmas Wish for Clara
by P. Creeden

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