>facebook Friends: part 2

>Part 1: http://perceptionsby1.blogspot.com/2011/04/facebook-friends.html

So, after two comments on my FB page about this post, I am adding more thoughts.

Oddly enough, the two comments came from two ladies that were my childhood heroes, and I had lost contact with them over the years.

I didn’t have either of their phone numbers, or addresses. (Not saying I couldn’t have gotten them…)

With the addition of them to my FB friends list, we have shared many comments back and forth. So, in light of this, I am forced (pleasantly) to reevaluate some of my post. There are people in my life, that I get to share tidbits of life with, thanks to FB. I even have a friend that I met on FB, have never met in person, and love dearly.

FB is not all bad.

Another friend called me last night, reading my post inspired her to call, and we had a great visit. I even called her back later. I talked to my sister twice on the phone yesterday. It felt so good to hear these voices, to share a verbal conversation. I truly enjoyed touching base in such a way.

My FB page is….for the time being….here to stay! I do get to visit with and comment on many people’s lives and daily activities, that I would have no connection with whatsoever if it weren’t for FB. I also let too much time pass by between phone calls sometimes. So, while I think balance can be a huge distraction, maybe this is an area that I will try to find a little balance in.

I love hearing your opinion, thank you for commenting on what I write!

Please share your thoughts!

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