Always Learning

I try to take an always learning approach to blogging and writing. I want to learn how to write better stories. I want to learn how to reach out to people more. I want to captivate my audience. My audience. Who is my audience? I’m still struggling with defining who, exactly, I want to write to.

Here are the things I currently do to keep learning:

I subscribe to the Merriam Webster online dictionary word of the day!

Words I’ve learned:



a foolish or crazy person

I don’t think I had ever heard that word before.

How about this one:



1. unruly or disorderly : wild

2. marked by shyness and lack of social grace

Wouldn’t it be easier to just say children? No, no, no! Farouche (pronounced fuh-roosh) is far more fun to say!

I enjoy learning new words, and refreshing my memory on old words.

I also read. Mostly I’ve been reading other blogs. I like to read books too. Usually I pick fiction for my book time, but lately I’ve even found my nose in a few books about writing. Books about writing clearer, getting published, and what to expect along the journey toward being a real writer.

Why do I keep getting stuck on that? A real writer. As a friend and I recently confirmed for each other, we are real writers. We spend hours perfecting this hobby of ours. We won’t use the term author until we are published, but published or not, we pour our hearts into this craft. For now, this is a time consuming hobby. For the future? I have no idea.

What is your hobby? What do you do to improve your skill?


14 thoughts on “Always Learning”

  1. When can you call yourself a writer and when can you call yourself an author? I’ve wondered about these myself. I tend to phrase it as “I like to write,” when asked about my hobbies, for example. If/when I get published (other than the occasional articles I’ve done in the past), I’ll call myself a writer. Is that too strict a definition?


    1. To me it sounds like you are already a writer. I think that if you actively write, whether a blog, a novel, a non-fiction book, or poetry, etc. you are a writer. For me personally, author is the word for published writer. Thank you for sharing your thoughts!!


  2. What fun to learn these new words! I’d like to know what you want to write about. What thoughts and ideas do you have? Once I know that I can help you define your target audience:)


    1. Hey Toni, a better question is, what don’t I want to write about? I have a head full of ideas, ranging from health care, politics, and pets, to homeschooling, parenting, and natural living. Not to mention that I like to write about writing, pregnancy and childbirth, fiction, etc. I want to write, and as long as what I’m writing about doesn’t lean too heavily toward the technical side (product specs, etc.) then I just want to write. All of the time.


      1. Well Toni, I get tickled at the thought of writing. Whether it’s my novel-in-progress, or faith based. I guess, if I had to pick a topic for the rest of my life it would be parenting/step-parenting/co-parenting or maybe marriage…but I’d truly hate to have to pick.


      2. It’s not that you have to write to just these people for the rest of your life but you could start with this audience to get your unique message and perspective out to them. Anyone who’s a parent, grandparent, member of a step family etc knows there’s a lot lot you would need and like to know. There’s the topic of scheduling, stress, to home school or not to home school and so much more. You’ve just narrowed your target audience and all the things you like to write about can relate to these people.


    1. I think it is good, and often therapeutic to write freely, with no hard structure to conform to. I keep a journal on my computer for things that are too deeply personal to blast on the internet. Thank you for your comment!


  3. I love your word nerdiness! Great read as always…. You’re already a writer! I write for myself only first, for thats how I feel passionate; but then I try to imagine yelling the story to my friend or other audience, and that’s how I revise.


    1. What a great approach to revising! I was feeling bummed about all the back story I had written and am now removing, but you know what? I needed the back story so that I could know my MC more deeply. I must know what motivates her. Thanks for helping me realize this!!


  4. I totally get the figuring out who your audience is thing. I want to write so much stuff, and then, I also want to attract clients. So where do we draw the line. And I love words!


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