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Eleanor’s story is here!!

I am so excited to bring you Eleanor’s story! I had so much fun writing it and I thought she was just the sweetest. She was so active in my imagination. If you love her story as much as I do, please consider leaving a review. I read them all and they really make my day. Merry Christmas!

A year after the headmistress sent her sister away from the orphanage, Eleanor turns eighteen and is subjected to the same treatment—sent away without bidding the other children farewell. And sent to where? Colorado. To marry a man she knows nothing of. The ray of sunshine for Eleanor is learning that the train is carrying her to Colorado. If she was told correctly, her sister is in Colorado, as well.

Calvin Clark is a candlemaker—a trade he learned from his father. Along with making candles, he owns a general store in Central City, Colorado. Sending for a mail-order bride made him uncomfortable, but there were no eligible women in Central City. And his nephew assured him it was a perfectly reasonable thing to do.

Will a spark of love flicker between the handsome candlemaker and Eleanor? Or will the desire to find Elsie take her far away from the booming town in Colorado?

A Christmas Candle for Eleanor
by Regina Walker

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