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A Christmas Journey for Jessie by Farrah Lee

Jessie Miller was restless to begin her own life. She loves her siblings but raising nine children practically on her own wasn’t what she had planned. She longed to travel, to see more of the world than the little small town she grew up in. Except she had no means to get out on her own. She was trapped…until she saw his ad in the matrimonial weekly.

William Atwood, son and heir to his grandfather’s extensive ranch, thought he had it all. He had money, he’d traveled at his leisure, and he had all the friends a man could want…but he wasn’t expecting his grandfather’s will to say he had to marry by his 25th birthday or forfeit it all.

Desperate times meant desperate measures. Turned out his grandfather had taken matters into his own hands and placed an ad on his behalf…for a mail-order bride.

He had to marry her, he had no choice. But now that she’s here on his ranch he wonders if need and desire could be one and the same…

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A Christmas Journey for Jessie
by Farrah Lee
Available on Amazon and Kindle Unlimited

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