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A Christmas Miracle for Marjory

Growing up an orphan under a heartless headmistress is no easy thing, but Marjory has grown gracious as she's matured. When she is sent to Colorado to wed a man she knows nothing about, she accepts her lot in life. Sebastian is suspicious of people and has a knack for complaining. His uncles both took… Continue reading A Christmas Miracle for Marjory

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Picking Pears with Piper (The Orchard Brides Book 6)

The book that I thought might never be... it is finally here, friends!! I'm so happy to share Piper and her story with you. This story turned out totally swoony and I wasn't ready to leave them behind. Piper, a single mom focused on caring for her mother who has dementia, doesn’t have time to… Continue reading Picking Pears with Piper (The Orchard Brides Book 6)