Watching a Dream Unfold

It’s funny how watching someone else live their dream (usually from a distance) gives me the idea that it was “easy” for them. Not long ago, I toyed with the idea of opening a cupcake shop, and as I watch (very much from a distance) a stranger launch a cupcake shop, it seems so perfect. And I keep thinking that they didn’t work on it – it just happened. They started baking, rented a store front, launched, and all is running smoothly. In my head, there was no incubation period for this dream, there was no waiting. There were no challenges. Sales are increasing daily. Their dream is a success, by all worldly standards of success, and I wonder why it’s so much harder for me.

If you have a dream, and you are pouring your heart and soul, blood, sweat, tears and extra hours into it than you know how hard it is to launch a dream. Have you ever questioned why it’s so easy for someone else?

Rest assured, it’s not easy for them. I am certain of this. If, in the process of living out a dream, the dreamer too often takes the easy route, then they are setting themselves up for a huge crash. They are going to see things fall apart and they aren’t going to be happy about it. It won’t be easy to crash from their dream – no matter how hard they have worked. And you know what? My dream may crumble and fall apart even despite my hard work. All of the hard work in the world won’t pay off if it’s not carefully planned out and we don’t work toward something specific. We have to constantly evaluate where our dream is, where it is headed, and where we want to take it. We can’t just be along for the ride, we have to fuel the ride, direct it, guide it. And success measured by the world’s standards, may not be success in your eyes. Or mine.

So, what is success, in your opinion, in regards to your dream? How are you working toward that success?

Please share your thoughts!

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