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Words to Live By, pt2

In case you missed my first post, you can find it here.

Find Pastor Craig’s message here.

Find resources to help you find your Words to Live By here.

I’m going to dive right with answering the first question.

What negative thoughts are dominating my thinking?

With God:

I am not qualified to do what I’ve been called to do.

I do not do enough to please God.


In marriage:

I’m not easy to live with.

I’m not worth staying with.

**There is more here. I just couldn’t bring myself to blog it.

In parenting:

Nothing ever works.

I don’t give the kids enough time.

I don’t listen to them enough.

I’m failing as a Mom.


In work:

I don’t get enough done.

I’m not in the office enough.

I am not a good leader.


If I’m being honest, it’s a little more vulnerable than I expected to share these inner thoughts on my blog. My self-talk has been very negative – in fact, most of my life has been spent believing I wasn’t good enough and didn’t measure up. I have, through lots of journaling and some counseling, identified where some of those thought patterns began. Sometimes that is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to undoing such unhealthy behaviors.

I committed to diving deeper this year, and exposing the broken places. I am hopeful and expectant that my God is waiting to do a healing work – but He’s patient and waits for me to deconstruct some of my walls. I am ready to let God speak directly to my broken places.

In the next couple of days, I will share with you what words have become my Words to Live By. I’m going to post them beside my bed, beside my desk, and maybe in my car. I’m going to take captive each thought, and submit it to Christ.

What negative thoughts dominate your thinking?

Please share your thoughts!

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